Ezi-Appointment is a ‘simple-to-use’, yet effective tool to help your keep track of appointments and to send out reminders via email or SMS.
Ezi-Appointment provides a client base, you can email clients directly from Ezi-Appointment informing them on holidays, RDO’s change of hours or that you have a special running for the next month.
Ezi-Appointment will install onto XP and Vista PC's.
Ezi-Appointment gives you the assurance that all of your clients/patients for the next day know that they have an appointment - no more excuses.
Ezi-Appointment requires an internet connection to be able to send SMS or emails and a current email address setup in either:-

    Outlook  or
    Outlook Express.

Ezi-Appointment will automatically email or SMS those clients for which you have selected to use these services. For those clients who do not wish to receive emails or SMS's a list will be presented on the screen to prompt you to phone them (if this is what the customer requests). You have full control over which methods are used to contact clients.

You will need to subscribe to an SMS provider for SMS’s. We recommend and use MessageNet but you can use any provider you like, but we only support MessageNet. The program has been preset to use MessageNet, but of course you may alter this.

To purchase Ezi-Appointment simply use the ORDER form on the PURCHASE page and this will then present you with the PayPal ordering screen.

If you would like to ask a question or comment on this website, please use the CONTACT form on the CONTACT page.



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